Kunal Rawal, the brand, was born out of one niggling thought: why was it that the millennial Indian man had a dizzying array of options when it came to western silhouettes that matched his personality, but no legit ones that emerged from his own motherland?

And so, Kunal Rawal, the designer, set out on the mammoth task of rectifying that. He brought his undying love for the whimsical, cheeky and playful into a wardrobe that was inching towards death by boredom. He included references to the Indian heritage in his work as well as charged his creations with authenticity, while placing them in an entirely modern-day lexicon.

The youngest designer ever to showcase at the Lakmé Fashion Week, Kunal has – via a highly accelerated road to fame – turned the spotlight on menswear via a sensibility informed by cinema, music, geometry and sport. His creations carry that fine balance of having the ability to be #mumapproved but surprising in their underlying love for grunge, an unafraid tinge of badassery, and a respect for the rules but the courage to transcend them.

Maybe this was born when Kunal returned to the country after a course at the London College of Fashion only to realise that no one was making what he wanted to wear. When he started designing in a language that was entirely his own, he found backing in not just the Bollywood royalty and A-listers, but men who valued minimalism and individuality placed in an Indian context. His vast experience in styling for cinema helped him understand and create looks that are remembered forever. No wonder then that you'll often find his creations in the pages of top magazines like GQ, Vogue, Elle, Femina, Grazia, Verve, etc.

The subversive nature of Kunal's clothing is backed by impeccable tailoring and structured detailing. They know how to surprise maybe via a sudden stripe running down the arms, a cuff that reveals a pop of colour when rolled up, or a fresh take on denim. They know how to push boundaries of what menswear should look like. And they sure know how to allow you to continue being cool. But, it turns out, they also know how to make your mother proud.